Due for a makeover?

We all regularly see the street pole ads, in the newspapers or even on Google: “CASH FOR GOLD”, or similar. Gold prices are generally determined by the global gold spot price and exchange rates and fluctuates daily. You’ll typically get a fraction of the value of the gold when selling your old jewellery for cash.   


Why not use your old gold to make something new? You only pay for the labour and it is a very cost effective way to make productive use of all those old gold bits & pieces – broken and worn out chains, rings, missing earrings etc.  Gold is the most popular metal used for jewellery and since gold doesn’t rust or corrode, it can last forever!


If you’re not sure of the design of your new piece of jewellery, we’ll take you through the design process to ensure that the finished product is interesting and distinctive – from bold sculpted items to intricate antique reproductions. Shop around and familiarise yourself with current styles to educate your eye and learn what really appeals to you, or, you can try on different styles from the wide variety of jewellery in our shop. Remember, jewellery looks different when you see it on.  Our goldsmiths work from our premises and you can even pop in to our workshop to see how we create these custom made jewellery pieces!

See you soon!