Jewellers lingo: want to sound like an expert?

Accent Stones – Gems in a jewellery item that are not the main focus.

Alloy – A mixture of two or more metals.

Bail / V-Loop – The part of a pendant that the chain passes through, it may be solid or movable. (Swinging Bail)

Band – A ring that is usually the same width all the way around with no distinguishable top.

Base Metal – Non-precious metals. (copper, zinc, tin, nickel, lead etc.)

Basket – A type of claw setting where the wire that makes the claw is used to create an open wire gallery.

Bridge / Finger Bezel – The part of the ring that connects the one side of the shank to the other and sits on the finger.

Centre Stone – The focal gem in a jewellery design.

Choker – A necklace that fits snugly around the throat.

Clasp – The mechanism that is used to fasten two ends of a necklace, bracelet or bangle.

Cluster – Multiple gem stones grouped together in a setting.

Collar – A ridged choker – style neck piece.

Comfort Fit – The convex shape on the inside of a ring that removes the sharp corners.

Costume Jewellery – Jewellery made with inexpensive materials.

Dangle Earrings – An elongated earring that is designed to swing and move.

Drop Earrings – Earrings that extend below the earlobe.

D–Shape – Term used to describe the convex dome on the outside of a band or shank.

Earring Post – The wire post that passes through the hole in the earlobe.

Eternity Band – A band set with one or more rows of stones set all the way around.

Half Eternity – One or more rows of stones set half way around the ring.

Filigree – A decorative style using thin wire or strip to create intricate patterns.

Gallery – The area between the bridge and stone bezel.

Halo – A row of stones that forms a frame around the centre stone.

Head – The part of the jewellery item where the main stones are set.

Hoop Earrings – A circular, ring like earring.

Huggie Earrings – A small hoop earring that fits closely around the earlobe. Often broader than a hoop earring, with a hinge to make them easier to put on.

Inlay – The insertion of shaped gem materials in wood, ivory etc. so that it creates a flush surface with the host material.

Mount – A jewellery item that does not have stones set in its settings yet.

Re–mount – The process of removing stones from an existing ring to be set in a new ring.

Shank – The part of a ring that goes around the finger and joins to the head.

Split Shank – The shank is split into two or more parts.

Shoulders – The upper part of the shank where it meets the head.

Split Shoulder – The shoulder is split to create a triangular gap.

Side Stones – The second largest stones in a ring set on either side of the centre stone.

Signet Ring – A ring with a large top that is often engraved with initials or a family crest.

Solitaire Ring –  A ring with one focal stone.

Stone Bezel – The metal that the stones are set in or seated on.

Three Stone Ring – A ring set with a centre stone and two side stones.

Two–tone – A jewellery item with two different coloured metals.