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Onwards & upwards to 2024

Hi all, we're grateful for your support throughout 2023, thanks…
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Soaring Summer Styles!

Summer, at last... Soaring Summer Styles: Who's not looking…


Since 1967 To be successful designer jewellers…
Jewellery Trends

Aaand, what are the latest 8 jewellery trends?

Jewellery trends are constantly changing...  - Look-at-me…
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But is it real?

What is a real diamond?Forget about “real” diamonds.…

A Brilliant Alternative for Dazzling Jewellery

Moissanite - A Brilliant Alternative for Dazzling Jewellery Moissanite…
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Watch Heaven

It's not the price dummy! Luxury is about quality, craftsmanship,…
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#Engineeringlife @BrescoDiamonds

#engineeringlife -  One man’s #magic is another man’s…
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something strange and powerful

There’s something strange and powerful about black-and-white…
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Do you trust words?

Do you trust words?We trust pictures.We also trust   TW…