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Creativity is contagious

There are countless ways that people explore and express their…
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Is it all about money?

While price is certainly a consideration for many people…
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These are the 5 reasons why:

So, why do some people prefer to wear unique custom designed…
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Repurpose. Recover. Recycle. Regenerate. Re-model

Something new from something old…   We all regularly see…
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Caveat Emptor (so, how’s your Latin):

According to a recent survey, quoted by IDEX Online, 46%…
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Join in!

Join the club and drop us a Google rating: (AND,…
were moving 22 Dec

There is no standing still because time is moving forward

WE'RE MOVING!!   This shop has closed on Friday…
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Become the most interesting person in the room!

Become the most interesting person in the room! Stretch your…
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