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What’s the story with green?

So, what IS the story with green gemstones? Green gemstones are like the cool kids in high school. They’re always surrounded by a crowd of admirers, and they just exude positive energy. They’re like a breath of fresh air on a hot summer day – they make you feel alive and invigorated. It’s like the avocado toast of the jewellery world – trendy, versatile, and always in demand. Green is the colour of envy, money, and nature. From emeralds to tsavorites, green gemstones are a must-have in any jewellery collection.

One of the most popular green gemstones is emerald. Emerald is a type of beryl that is prized for its deep green colour, but it is also expensive! It is considered one of the “big three” gemstones, along with sapphire and ruby. Emeralds are often used in high-end jewellery, and they are known for their durability and beauty.

Peridot is a type of olivine that is found in volcanic rocks. It is known for its bright green color and its affordability in items such as earrings and pendants. It is also often associated with healing and protection, making it a popular choice for people who want to wear jewellery that has spiritual significance. It’s also the birthstone for August babies, so if you’re looking for a gift for your Leo or Virgo friend, consider a peridot.

Green tourmaline is like the underdog that everyone roots for. It’s not as well-known as some of the other gemstones, but it has its own unique charm. It’s like the indie band of the jewellery world – it might not be mainstream, but it has a loyal following that appreciates its creativity,  originality and affordability.

Another green gemstone to keep on your radar is tsavorite. This vivid green gemstone is a type of garnet and is often compared to emeralds due to their similar color – making them a unique and valuable addition to any collection.

Whether you are looking for a high-end emerald engagement ring or an affordable peridot pendant, there is green gemstone that will suit your needs and preferences. (Fun fact: Cleopatra was a huge fan of emeralds and even claimed ownership of all emerald mines in Egypt during her reign!). So, visit us (the pro’s), go ahead and add some green to your life. Your jewellery box (and Cleopatra) will thank you.

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